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Introduction to case:

On 28 October 1991, Boston Police officer, Jeremiah Hurley, Jr. was killed, and his partner, Francis X. Foley, was maimed, by a dynamite bomb which they were attempting to disarm at the home of Thomas L. Shay of Roslindale, Boston. Their losses were terrible and intolerable, and those responsible must be apprehended and punished.

In the subsequent investigation, Alfred Trenkler was targeted because he had met Shay's son, Thomas A. Shay,  (referenced in many government and court papers as "Tom" and "Shay, Jr.") within five months of the October bombing, and because five years earlier he had assembled a harmless noisemaking prank device in Quincy in 1986 for a friend. Alfred was convicted in Boston Federal Court in 1993 and sentenced to two life terms.

Alfred W. Trenkler had nothing to do with the Roslindale Bomb. He had no motive to

harm anyone.  At the time of the bombing, he was successfully operating a high

tech communications business consulting, designing, installing and servicing

terrestrial and satellite microwave studio transmitter links for television, public

service two way radio trunking and paging systems, had no debts, and had no need

for additional money, and knew nothing about Tom Shay's father who was in the

middle of a $400,000 lawsuit.

Alfred was convicted because.of a "perfect storm" of mistakes by investigators, prosecutors, Alfred's defense counsel and a few lies in court.   Alfred currently has

a motion for a new trial before the United States Appeals Court as a result of the

recent discovery of evidence withheld by the government and is simultaneously

seeking a re-investigation of the case by the Boston Police Department, the

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and explosives (BATFE) and/or the U.S.

Attorney's office.

The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee

The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee is dedicated to justice for Alfred Trenkler, who was wrongfully convicted by the U.S. government and to securing freedom for Alfred
Trenkler, an innocent man who has been incarcerated for 18 years for crime he did not commit, while the guilty remain free.


   We seek for Alfred Trenkler, a

       - Retrial,
       - Complete, Independent Investigation of the Case, and a

       - Re-opening of the Search for the builder of the "Roslindale bomb".

Like many others affected by this case, we seek the end of the protracted controversy as everyone wants it to finally come to an end.  However, such closure cannot be obtained at the price of the imprisonment of a totally innocent man, Alfred Trenkler. 

Currently, the effort to release him is focusing on finding the truth about the case, and we hope that everyone affected by this tragedy, including everyone in law enforcement and the criminal justice system will contribute to this effort. 

We seek a full, complete, independent investigation on the entire case, with the subsequent goal of persuading the Boston U.S. Attorney, Carmen Ortiz, and the U.S. Attorney General to seek a new trial, or an outright dismissal of the case against Alfred Trenkler.

The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Commitee was formed by a group of people who are convinced of Alfred's' innocence and that the original investigation and prosecution were flawed.

The Committee is working to get the facts of the case into the hands and minds of as many people as possible, especially people in the media and the Federal Government. It is seeking to get the story of Alfred Trenkler told throughout the country by creating this web site and distributing the information through other national and local media.

Tips to Aid In This Investigation

Any informaton that may assist with the proper solving of this case may be sent, confidentially or otherwise, to Morrison Bonpasse, P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04555. (Also, see the "Submit a Tip!" section in this website.


Errors, mistakes?  Please let us know.

As we are committed to the truth and to justice, we do our best to present the truth. If there are any errors on the website, please let us know, by email to Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee.  This is especially true if you believe there are any errors or mistakes in any statements or representations by Alfred Trenkler.  To our knowledge, there are none - as he is a totally innocent man.


Funds and Contributions

In addition for funds to do that work, funds are always welcome, for the operation of this website and efforts to privately investigate this case.

Please send contributions to help the campaign for justice for Alfred Trenkler to the following address:

    Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee
    P.O. Box 390

    Newcastle, ME 04553


Petition for Investigation

Help us with the campaign for re-investigation of this case. Please write to your Senator, Congressman, and to the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to request that the Department of Justice to conduct a re-investigation of the Roslindale Bombing.


Key documents in the case.

Several key documents for understanding the case are presented and linked below are recommended, and for a quick introduction to Alfred and this case.  For the full story about the case read Version 9 of the manuscript of the book, Perfectly Innocent, go to LATEST NEWS for 9 October 2007.  FOR THE NEWLY AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS, DISCLOSED THROUGH A FOIA REQUEST TO THE BOSTON POLICE DEPT. SEE #17 BELOW.

1. The Wrongful Conviction of Alfred Trenkler - a short summary.

2. FACTS showing the non-involvement of Alfred Trenkler with the "1991

    Roslindale bomb".

3. Pre-sentencing statement to the court, by Alfred Trenkler on 8 March 1994.

    See also, Alfred's 21 May 2008 LETTER by Alfred Trenkler to an informed citizen

    about the case.  It begins, "First and foremost, from the bottom of my heart, I

    had absolutely nothing to do with the Roslindale bombing in any way, shape,

    or form."

4. Dissenting opinion of First Circuit Chief Judge Juan Torruella in the 2-1

    denial of Alfred's appeal on 18 July 1995.  Note that he was the only First

    Circuit judge to participate in the appeal of Thomas A. Shay, where the Court

    effectively reversed his conviction, and in the appeal of Alfred Trenkler.  In both

    instances he opposed the verdicts.

5. Dr. Robert Phillips' diagnosis, "Neuropsychiatric Evaluation, Thomas A. Shay,"

    contained in a 19 July 1993 letter to Thomas A. Shay's attorney, Nancy Gertner.

6. RESUME of Alfred W. Trenkler

7. William David Lindholm documents:

   a. January 1993.  7-page report of ATF and U.S. Attorneys 13 January

        interview of William David Lindholm.

   b. His testimony on 10 November 1993. (Near the end, at page 13-124 of the

       transcript, he said, "I'll go on the record to say that I'm not going to ask for

       any benefit, rewards, inducements any time in the future.")

   c. Excerpts of Prosecution and Defense 22 November 1993 Closing

        Statements at trial which pertained to Lindholm's testimony, including

        statement by Asst. U.S. Attorney Paul Kelly "He's received no promises, no

        rewards, no inducements for coming forward, and he will not ask for any in the


    d. 1 April 1994 Letter from Lindholm Attorney, Roger Cox to Asst. U.S.   

        Attorney Paul Kelly asking for reduction in sentence.

    e. 12 April 1994 Letter from AUSA Paul Kelly to Lindholm Atty, Roger Cox,

       where Kelly noted the contradiction between Lindholm's statements at trial and

       Cox's request.

    f. 19 July 1994 Motion by Asst. U.S. Attorney Paul Kelly in U.S. v.

        Lindholm for reduction of Lindholm's sentence.

    g. 19 July 1994 Affidavit of Asst. U.S Attorney Paul V. Kelly in support of

         above Motion.

    h. 28 July 1994 Lindholm Memorandum in support of Government's Motion

         for Reduction of Sentence

    i.  6 Aug 1994 Affidavit of William David Lindholm, in support of the

       Government's Motion for a Reduction of Sentence for him.

    j. Excerpts of the 18 July 1995 opinions of the Court of Appeals judges

         which relate to Lindholm's credibility.

    k. 14 January 1998 Memorandum by Jack Wallace to U.S. District   

       Court regarding William David Lindblom. 

    l. Affidavit of John Bowden on 22 April 1998 revealing William David Lindholm's

       admission that his testimony regarding Alfred Trenkler was false. Subsequent to

       letter by John Bowden on 13 July 2000 to Alfred's attorney, Morris Goldings.

   m. Timeline of William David Lindholm and the U.S. Judicial system 1990

        through 1994

8. Comparisons of the 1986 artillery simulator and the 1991 bomb.  Notes and

    reports assembled by Jack Wallace  and Dennis Kline report to Alfred's


9. June 2006 handwritten one page Summary by Alfred Trenkler of his

   acquaintance with Thomas A. Shay in Summer of 1991.  Adobe/.pdf file As

   rekeyed MS-Word file

10. June 2006 handwritten 17-page detailed report by Alfred Trenkler of his

   acquaintance with Thomas A. Shay in Summer of 1991. As Adobe/.pdf file, and

   as MS-Word Rekeyed File.  See also a 9 page contemporary report written by

   Alfred during the pre-trial period in 1992 or 1993.  The only post-1991 contact

   Alfred Trenkler had with Thomas A. Shay was on 25 June 1993 when they were

   in separate cells, separated by another cell, in the Federal Building lockup. Alfred

   Trenkler captured the discussion and his observations in a

   three page handwritten note.

11. May 2006 comments by Alfred on the ATF report of the 31 January 1992

   search of Alfred's apt, office and his parents' home. As Adobe/.pdf file, and as

   MS-Word Rekeyed File.  For more info, see original 1 February 1992 ATF


12. 28 June 2006 Motion to Examine Evidence, filed by Jack Wallace on behalf of

   Alfred Trenkler.  Included in the Motion, on page 9, were photographs of the

  contacts from the Roslindale Bomb and contacts from a Philmore #30-219 switch

  and from a Radio Shack #275-602 switch. (After disassembly of other switches on

  7 October 2007, it appears that the contacts in the page 9 photo may be aligned

  with the wrong label. That is, the contacts below the Philmore label appear to

  belong to the Radio Shack switch, and the contacts below the Radio Shack label

  appear to belong to the Philmore switch. However, because of possible changes in

  the engineering and manufacturing of the switches since the 1991 explosion, the

  results of the several disassemblies may still be valid, at the time of disassembly.

  The search for the truth continues, and this note will be updated as needed.)

13. 10 November 1992 MEMO TO FILE by Asst. U.S. Attorney Paul Kelly about ten

   "aspects of his [TA Shay] 'story' which he admitted were untrue."  Then Kelly

   listed 17 aspects of a "new 'story'" and Alfred Trenkler denies every single one of

   them by his annotated "NO's".  Also, Paul Kelly's 11 May 1993 letter to Shay

   atty. Nancy Gertner summarizing Shay's contacts with Alfred Trenkler, with

   Alfred's handwritten annotations.  See also copy with Alfred's comments


14. On 17 November 1992, Karen Marinella of Channel 56, interviewed Thomas A

   Shay.  Portions of the interview would later be shown at the trial of Alfred

   Trenkler.  See Transcript of Interview [The highlighted sections were seen by

   the jury.]  Every statement made by Thomas A. Shay in that interview that

   indicated that Alfred Trenkler had a role in the "1991 Roslindale bomb" was

   false. Every statement about Shay's relationship to Alfred Trenkler, beyond

   Trenkler's own precise description of the acquaintance is false.

      See Alfred Trenkler's responses to the Marinella interview of Thomas A.

  Shay, written in December 2006, to Thomas A. Shay's claims.

15. Pre-sentencing letter in support of Alfred Trenkler, sent on 17 April 2007 to

   Judge Zobel by Morrison Bonpasse. The letter summarizes the reasons that

   the 1993 conviction of Alfred Trenkler was a wrongful conviction.

16. Version 9 of the manuscript of the book about the Roslindale Bomb case,

    Perfectly Innocent.  Send email to Morrison  for .pdf copy.

17. On Tuesday, 28 July 2009, the Boston Police Dept made two cartons of documents available to Alfred Trenkler through a FOIA (Freedom of Invormation Access) request.  The most important of these documents are listed below:

      A. BPD fingerprint report of Thomas L. Shay's car, 25 May 1992

      B. Proposed Investigative Plan by ATF re Roslindale Bombing, 16 January


      C. Updated Investigative Plan by ATF re Roslidnale Bombing, 9 March


      D. BPD Firearms identification card for Thomas L Shay, 1971

      E. BPD Detective Journal 920122 to 920219, 19 February 1992

      F. Thomas Shay v HW Marshall Company for 850 thousand dollars, 25

          January 1984

      G. BPD report of recreation of TL Shay drive of Sunday 27 October 1991,

          17 November 1991

      H. BPD report of TL Shay seeking return of his car, 5 December 1991.

          For the remainder of the FOIA documents disclosed on 28 July 2009, see

          "Latest News" for that date.

18. The Radio Shack "Receipt" of 18 October 1991, purporting to show the

    purchase of six items by "JYT SAHY," one of which was a Radio Shack package

    #275-602 containing a Single Pole Single Throw switch with contacts similar

    to those contained in the 28 October 1991 Roslindale Bomb.  Listed below are

    several relevant documents followed by an ANALYSIS document by Morrison

    Bonpasse, and excerpts of comments from Alfred Trenkler in October 2010.

      A. 28 September 1998 Letter from Tandy Corporation Atty. Robert Blair  to

          Alfred Trenkler's stepfather, Jack Wallace, stating that the the corporate

          records of Tandy (Radio Shack) contained no record of invoice #098973.

     B. 9 September 1999 Affidavit by Tandy Atty. Robert Blair  with same

         statement as #A, above.

     C. Collection of 97 Radio Shack Receipts , on 39 pages, kept by Alfred

         Trenkler from 1980 through 1992, including two receipts (on page 11) from

         the 197 Mass. Ave store, the source of the 18 October receipt. 

     D. WORD Document with list of the six items  in 18 October 1991 receipt.

     E. Listing of "SAHY's" found in U.S. with listed phone numbers in 

          AUGUST 2007 AND OCTOBER 2010 

     F. Listing at  when searching for "SAHY" in

         Massachusetts, only There are many, many possibilities.

     G. Version 9 of the Manuscript "Perfectly Innocent" has 138 References

         to Radio Shack.  See List of 138 pages .  Of those 138, There is a two page

         analysis at page 536, "What about the 18 October 1991 Radio Shack


     H.  6 May 2010 Affidavit of Thomas A Shay, including paragraphs about the

         18 October 1991 Radio Shack Receipt.

     I.   Alfred Trenkler's comments in emails from 23-25 October 2010 on the

          1991 Radio Shack receipt and apparent link to Radio Shack purchase for

          the 1986 device.

     J.  Analysis by Morrison Bonpasse of the 18 October 1991 Radio Shack

         Receipt showing that it does not provide any credible information about

         the source of any part of the Roslindale Bomb.

19. "29 QUESTIONS" These are Yes/No questions about the case which can be answered with minimal re-investigation.  If the answers point toward Alfred's innocence, a more complete re-investigation should be begun.


New material on site:

8/4/14.  Alfred's case is mentioned in a utopian novel, 2121 , by Morrison Bonpasse.  In fact, the book says that he "has been" exonerated in 2014.  The book is a companion novel to "Jesus and Jesusa" and both are available at See "Latest News."

8/26/13 Article to be published in Stanford University Law Review with much emphasis on Alfred Trenkler's case:  "Missing the Forest for the Trees: Federal Habeas Corpus and the Piecemeal Problem in Actual Innocence Cases," by Professor Stephanie Roberts Hartung of Suffolk University Law SchoolSee "Links to Articles."

12/19/11.  Gitgo Productions of South Portland, Maine, has produced a trailer for a potential documentary about the Roslindale Bomb case.  The planned title is, "Incident at Roslindale."  See "Latest News."

10/31/11  The First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Alfred's Petition for reconsideration of his Habeas Corpus Motion. See "Latest News."

7/30/11 "Wrongly convicted sees rapist sentenced"  by Brian Ballou

in the Boston Globe.  See "Links to Articles."

6/21/11. New Link to second Website for Alfred:   "FREE ALFRED NOW"

(at  For Alfred Trenkler by

Advocates for Wrongly Convicted (at

5/27/11  Alfred Trenkler submits a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court. See "Latest News."

4/26/11  Morrison Bonpasse sent a LETTER  to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting a re-investigation of the Roslindale Bomb case. Included with the letter were the "29 QUESTIONS" (#19, above) and copies of 15 previous letters to Attorney General Holder.  See "Latest News."

3/31/11  Alfred files a Motion for Reconsideration and En Banc hearing on his Habeas  Corpus motion.  See "Latest News."

2/7/11 First Circuit denies Alfred's Motion for leave to file Motion for Habeas Corpus  See "Latest News."

11/23/10 James G. Hebshie, convicted in Federal District Court in Boston in 2006 of arson is released after Judge Nancy Gertner vacated his conviction.  See "Latest News," and see "Links to Articles."

11/8/10.  MCLE (Mass. Continuing Education) conducts Seminar:  "Litigating Wrongful Convictions in Massachusetts.  See "Latest News."

10/24/10 Information about the 18 October 1991 Radio Shack "Receipt" are collected as "Key Document #18, above, on this page.

10/7/10  Morrison Bonpasse wrote a letter to Senator John Kerry, with a copy of Senators Scott Brown and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and Senate Chair of the Judiciary Committee, to ask that Senator Kerry again request the Department of Justice to re-investigate the Alfred Trenkler case. See "Latest News."

8/30/2010  Alfred Trenkler filed a Reply to the Government's response, in which Alfred restates his actual innocence.  See "Latest News."

8/2/2010. Asst. U.S. Attorney Randall Kromm filed a Response in the First Circuit

opposing Alfred Trenkler's Application to file a Motion for Habeas Corpus. See

"Latest News."



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Photos of Alfred Trenkler, from left to right:
1. As a child, with his father, the Ice Capades clown, Freddie Trenkler, and childhood friends, and
2. As a teenager, and
3. At age 36, shortly before his arrest in April 1992.