Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee

Books for the U.S. about the Alfred Trenkler case and other cases of Wrongful Conviction, and generally about wrongful conviction.

1. About the Alfred Trenkler case. PERFECTLY INNOCENT

Even in this age of the Internet, the book is still a most powerful tool for informing the public. Newspapers and magazines and radio and TV and a web site all have their role, but a book is for the ages and it has oomph.


The book, PERFECTLY INNOCENT is available on  CLICK HERE.

   The book tells how Alfred Trenkler and Tom Shay are perfectly innocent of any involvement with the Roslindale Bomb. 



Two Appendices of the book are linked  here:

Appendix D - Assorted Documents

Appendix E - Assorted Documents

2. Books about other cases of Wrongful Conviction - pre- exoneration.

Human Sacrifice by James P. Moore. The story of the Dennis Dechaine case

    in Maine.   (Alfred has a copy.)

Justice Denied: The Trial of Erik Rasmussen written by Erik, this is

   a powerful story of the murder in Connecticut of his wife.

 EYE CONTACT - The Mysterious Death in 2000 of Kassidy Bortner and the Wrongful Convictions of Chad Evans and Amanda Bortner the story of two wrongful convictions in New Hampshire, and the struggle to return Chad Evans to freedom and his rightful role as a parent to his son, Kyle.


3. Books about other cases of Wrongful Conviction - post exoneration.

Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate

Exonerated by DNA - and taken as Innocence Proj. client about same

    time as Alfred Trenkler's conviction

When Justice Fails : The David Milgaard Story   about one of Canada's

    most egregious cases.

Guilty until proven Innocent - Story of Connecticut's Peter Reilly case.

Until you are dead - is the book about Steven Truscott, another of  

    Canada's best known cases of wrongful conviction.

Exit to Freedom by Calvin O. Johnson and Greg Hampikian.  About

    Georgia's first DNA exoneree, and current member of the Georgia

    Innocence Project Board of Directors. 


4. Books about Wrongful Conviction and related subjects, generally.

ACTUAL INNOCENCE: Five Days to Execution, and Other

Dispatches from the Wrongly Convicted By Barry Scheck, Peter

Neufeld and Jim Dwyer

Actual Innocence: When Justice Goes Wrong and How to Make It 

Right by Peter Neufeld, Jim Dwyer and Barry Scheck. 


5. Books about Campaigns for Exoneration of the Wrongfully Convicted

Freeing the Innocent - How We Did It - Handbook for the Wrongfully

Convicted by Michael and Becky Pardue. This book is available only from

the publisher of Justice Denied, The Magazine for the Wrongfully


Achieving Justice: Freeing the Innocent, Convicting the Guilty -

Report of the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Ad Hoc Innocence

Committee to Ensure the Integrity of the Criminal Process. 

(currently not available from, but is available from the

American Bar Association, at 800-285-2221.)

6.  Books about modern Justice, Generally

    Courtroom 302 - a year behind the scenes in an American Criminal

     Courthouse by Steve Bogira

         As with other books about justice, there are pages which ring true for supporters of Alfred Trenkler.  On page 189, "There are certain kinds of cases where emotions override the facts", said Judge Locallo, who was featured in the book.  On page 157 is the story of how police would maintain a "street file" which was separate from the files which might be furnished to defense attorneys.  On Page 164, we learn of Frank Laverty, who investigated a case and was then stunned to learn that it had gone to trial of a wrong man.  He took the unusual action of seeking to correct the mistake to ensure that a wrongful conviction did not occur.  On page 343 begins the story of Dan Young and Harold Hill who were wrongfully convicted.  [See above, on this webpage.]