Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee

Fundraising/Catalog(at bottom of page)

This section is dedicated to raising money for the Alfred Trenkler Innocence Committee and to the sale and distribution of items related to the message of Justice for Alfred Trenkler.


FUNDRAISING (by direct contributions - see below and "latest news" for raffles & other fundraising projects)

  Send all contributions to the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee, c/o Morrison Bonpasse, P.O. Box 390 Newcastle, ME 04553.



The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee is registered with PayPal, to facilitate contributions over the Internet.

Funds can be sent to the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee by any of the 71 million PayPal accounts.  Go to your own account from your own desktop or click on the icon here.  The PayPal system asks "what type of payment", so "Service" seems close enough and after clicking "Continue", you can click that "No shipping address is needed" and then "SEND".
CATALOG  (Click on Images of Fundraising items to see them.)



   The following items are available (prices include postage)

   To order any of these items, send a check to Morrison Bonpasse, P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04553.

Bumperstickers:  "" and

""  are now available from the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee.  Each priced at $5.00, (two for $8.00, three for $9.00) including postage, sales are hoped to raise some revenue.  Send orders/requests to the Maine chapter of the Committee at P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04553.