Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee

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Do you have a tip, which may help solve the question of who built the bomb that killed Boston policeman Jeremiah Hurley and badly wounded his partner, Francis X. Foley on 28 October 1991?


Do you have information relating to these terrible crimes?


No information is too minor or far-fetched.


Were you in the Roslindale area of 39 Eastbourne Street, on 26,27 or 28 October 1991 and saw anything or heard anything which might be related?


Do you know any of the people who testified at the trial and have any information which might relate to them and the bomb? Thomas A. Shay, .... (See the "Who's Who" section of this website.)


If you have a lead, whether you think it important or not,

please send email to Morrison Bonpasse, Private Investigator, or call him at 207-586-6078.


Please be assured that any inquiry or information will be

kept very confidential.


If you do not consider sending an email or calling sufficiently confidential, please send a letter in a first class envelope without a return address nor your name, but include a code word that only you would know.

Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee

c/o Morrison Bonpasse

P.O. Box 390

Newcastle, ME 04553