Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee


What you can do? - Anything within reason!

1. Learn as much about the case as possible in order to evaluate whether Alfred Trenkler had any involvement with the "Shay bomb" and thus whether you can support the "Campaign for Alfred".  (If you conclude that Alfred's conviction was correct and just, please let us know how you came to that conclusion. Write an email to the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee.

2. Join the email distribution list for the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee newsletter by sending your email address to the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee.

3.  Print out the "PETITION FOR INVESTIGATION" and then make lots of photocopies and take it with you wherever you go.  When pages are filled out send them to the address at the bottom of the Petition page: The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee, P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04553  (Keep the instructions.)

4.  Send contributions to:
   The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee, P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04553.

5. Write (Click on name for email, if highlighted) to every public official you can, including:

  Barack Obama

  President of the United States

  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

  Washington, DC 20500

   Loretta Lynch

   U.S. Attorney General

   Department of Justice

   950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

   Washington, DC 20503

   Carmen Ortiz

   U.S. Attorney

   John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse, Suite 9200
   1 Courthouse Way
   Boston, MA 02210

6. Write your current Representative in Congress and your two U.S. Senators and let them know of your concern about the Alfred Trenkler case. 

    Click to find the address and email or webmail of your Congressperson  or US Senator.

7.  Write newspapers and radio and TV stations about your belief that Alfred Trenkler is innocent and should be freed, or that a commission should be established to fully pursue the truth in this case.

8.  Send ideas to:  The Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee, P.O. Box 390, Newcastle, ME 04553 , or by  EMAIL.

9.  Write to anyone and everyone you can think of about the case.

10. Talk about the case with everyone you know.

11. Put a "" bumpersticker on your car.

13.  Buy 5 copies of the book about the Alfred Trenkler case PERFECTLY INNOCENT - The Wrongful Conviction of Alfred Trenkler, and be prepared to resell them or give them to others.

14.  Do you know a lawyer?  Ask him or her how it could happen that innocent people are convicted by our legal system.  What is s/he doing about it?  Will s/he help in the Alfred Trenkler case?

15.  Come to regular meetings of the state or local chapter of the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee which is convenient to you.  If that is too far away, start regional meetings for your area.  EMAIL  the Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee for more information about setting up such meetings.

16.  Send a letter (or birthday card around 6 February!) to Alfred Trenkler.  He will be 61 on 6 February 2017.

   His address is:

    Alfred W. Trenkler, 19377-038

    USP Tucson

    P.O. Box 24550

    TUCSON, AZ 85734

   All letters, cards and postcards must have the sender's name and return address on the envelope or front of card.

17. Think of and do anything else that you think is reasonable, and which might be helpful to assist a man who has been unjustly imprisoned for 23+ years for crimes that he did not commit.