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Who IS Alfred W. Trenkler?  - Family and heritage

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Alfred's mother, Josephine Barnum Wallace, is a descendant of P.T. Barnum's brother, William, and she skated in the Ice Capades where she met and met Alfred's father, Freddie Trenkler.  After the divorce of Josephine and Freddie, she married Jack Wallace and their son, David Wallace, was born to them.

Alfred with baby brother David

Alfred backstage with father at the Ice Capades.


Alfred holding a prop for an Ice Capades show.


With father, Ice Capades clown, Freddie Trenkler, with the same props for a show.


Alfred W. Trenkler, and his brother, David Wallace and their dog in 1970.


  As an older teenager, ready for lobster.


    Alfred Trenkler and his stepfather, Jack Wallace, in 1984, when Alfred was 28.