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Alfred Trenkler's attorney persuaded him not to testify at his trial, thereby depriving the jury of the chance to hear Alfred's response to the totally false allegations by the prosecution that he was involved in any way in the building or placement of the "Shay bomb" on or before 26, 27 or 28 October 1991.

However, during his trial and afterwards, in various notes and letters, Alfred Trenkler did commit to writing his story as he struggled to prove his innocence; and those writings are presented here.  The dates of the writings are either of the referenced action or of the date written. For example, his notes about his activities on 28 October are listed for that date, rather than the date the notes were written.


RE: Thomas A. Shay

Summer 1991  Handwritten in June 2006: Summary by Alfred Trenkler of his acquaintance with Thomas A. Shay in Summer of 1991.  Adobe/.pdf file 1 page  As rekeyed MS-Word file  AND handwritten detailed report in June 2006 by Alfred Trenkler of his acquaintance with Thomas A. Shay in Summer of 1991. As Adobe/.pdf file 17 pages, and as MS-Word Rekeyed File. These two reports were mailed with 9 June 2006 letter, with additional information.

In addition to these notes, and comments on ATF reports of interviews with Thomas A. Shay (See 24 March 1992 and 15 December 1992, below), Alfred prepared other notes about Thomas A. Shay.

UNDATED.  Contemporary 9 pages of comments about acquaintance with Thomas A Shay

UNDATED.  Alfred Note: Attempt to piece together Thomas A. Shay's statements to others and chronology.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes of 4 page chronology for Thomas A Shay as "JR" from 1977 thru 1991


The only post-1991 contact Alfred Trenkler had with Thomas A. Shay was on 25 June 1993 when they were in separate cells, separated by another cell, in the Federal Building lockup. Alfred Trenkler captured the discussion and his observations in a three page handwritten note.




The 1986 device:  Alfred Trenkler's explanation of the origin of the idea and the quick assembly and explosion of the device.   7 pages, typewritten.  See also Alfred's one-page comparison of the '86 and '91 devices

18-19 October 1991  Alfred's notes on people at ARCOMM and the Christian Science Project

28 October 1991 One page of initial notes by Alfred Trenkler to record his activities on this day.  Subsequent typewritten (1992-3) diary of the day.

28 October 1991 Four undated analyses by Alfred Trenkler of chronology of bomb  

   explosion.  Probably written in 1992-1993.

   1. Color coded time line for Thomas L Shay observation of bomb   5 pages

   2. Time line for Thomas L Shay observation of bomb  6 pages

   3. Analysis of bombing events sequence  14 pages

   4. Chronology of events on 28 October 1991

5 November 1991 9 pages of pre-trial notes by Alfred about search and claimed consent on that date

15 November 1991 2 pages of Alfred's notes, written in June 2006, about the reported interview by ATF of Donna Shea on that date, 2 pages.  See also rekeyed version in Word.  See also Alfred's contemporary (1992-1993?) comments about the ATF interviews with Donna Shea, 2 pages. 

20 November 1991.  Alfred Trenkler's 3-page comments re Rich Browns ATF interview on this date

17 January 1992 Alfred Trenkler comments on page 2 of ATF 17 January 1992 report of 6 November 1991 Alfred Trenkler interview with Dennis Leahy.

31 January 1992 5 pages of pre-trial notes by Alfred about ATF interview on that date

31 January 1992  Comments by Alfred in May 2006 on the ATF report of the 31 January 1992 search of Alfred's apt, office and his parents' home. As 4-page Adobe/.pdf file, and as MS-Word Rekeyed File. For more info, see original 1 February 1992 ATF report.

4 February 1992 7 pages of pre-trial notes by Alfred about the ATF interview of him on that date

4 February 1992  Alfred Trenkler's June 2006 notes on the ATF report of an interview on 4 February 1992 with Donna Shea, 2 pages.    See also rekeyed version in Word..

24 March 1992  Alfred Trenkler comments on ATF interview with Thomas A Shay on this date, 4 pages.

17 April 1992. Alfred Trenkler's May 2006 notes of his April 1992 arrest due to a Rhode Island warrant arising out of a payment dispute, 1 page.  See also rekeyed version in Word.  See also his more contemporary 7-page notes on his arrest.

7 October 1992  Alfred Trenkler's contemporary notes re Nancy Shay's (mother of Thomas A. Shay) ATF interview, 2 pages.

17 October 1992.  Alfred Trenkler's responses to statements made by Thomas A. Shay during Karen Marinella, Channel 56, interview on this date.

11 May 1992 Alfred's contemporary 1 page of notes about police surveillance of him.

13 October 1992  Alfred Trenkler's contemporary comments re Nancy Shay's (sister of Thomas A. Shay) ATF interview, 2 pages.

15 December 1992  Alfred 2-page handwritten memo on 5 January 1993 re investigators' meeting with Thomas A Shay on 15 December 1992And see rekeyed copy in Word

UNDATED.  Alfred's one page note about how he met lots of people in Boston including Thomas A. Shay, and summarizing his contacts with him.

UNDATED.  Alfred's notes: 5 pages on Fall 1991 chronology PLUS 4 pages on back sides with other timelines

UNDATED. Alfred's handwritten calendar of his whereabouts from 9 October 1991 through 28 October 1991, 8 pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: two page chronology for October 1991

UNDATED.  Alfred's summary of work projects and clients through 1992. 29 pages.

UNDATED.  Eight page analysis by Alfred Trenkler of Futaba devices and EXIS database.

UNDATED.  Alfred's four page analysis of the inaccuracies in the EXIS database as applied to his case

UNDATED. Alfred contemporary notes on Toggle Switch

UNDATED.  Alfred's analysis of the "18 October 1991" Radio Shack receipt

UNDATED.  Alfred analysis of Leahy and Waskom testimony and statements re '86 and '91  7 typewritten pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred analysis of Kline and Waskom testimony and statements re '86 and '91  6 typewritten pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred "forensic analysis" of switches and testimony   8 typewritten pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred's notes re Suppression Hearing which occurred in May 1993.

UNDATED. Alfred Trenkler's 39 pages of handwritten notes 8 1/2 X 11 on Shay trial

UNDATED. Alfred Trenkler's additional 14 pages of handwritten notes 8 1/2 X 14 on Shay trial, which ended on 27 July 1993.

UNDATED. Alfred's 7 pages of typewritten notes on the Shay trial

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: 10 pages of ideas and strategies

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: 2 pages of analysis of case and evidence

UNDATED.  Alfred's notes on legal case so far.   Perhaps written in 1993.  7 pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes on the chronology of the case especially Shay activities, 12 pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes various dates of life and case on one page ATF interviews etc

UNDATED.  Alfred's handwritten notes on his work chronology in 1991, 10 pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: Work chronology based on invoices 1990 to 1991, 1 page.

UNDATED. Alfred notes on work chronology in Fall 1991, 7 pages

UNDATED.  Alfred Notes: 6 timelines (residence, employment, etc.) on one page (landscapeas he attempted to account for parts of his life after being confronted with Federal charges of involvement in the "Shay bomb".

UNDATED.  Alfred note: 1 page summary of his residences from 1984-1991

UNDATED.  Alfred Note: Chronology of his employment/work 1981-1991

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: 10 pages, with speculation on who the Government's jailhouse informant might be, and other notes to Terry Segal.  In those notes, Alfred did not remember or think of William David Lindholm as the possible jailhouse informant might be. Undated, but written after the 22 March 1993 letter from Paul Kelly to Terry Segal to advise that he had a "credible witness" who said that Alfred Trenkler had admitted to him his role in the "Shay bomb". 

16 August 1993 Alfred's handwritten "TO DO" list for one day, as he prepared for trial, 1 page.

17 August 1993  Alfred's notes "PROGRESS REPORT" to his legal team of his progress in contacting people who could help with pieces of evidence in his defense, 2 pages.

14 September 1993 Alfred Trenkler's faxed typewritten comments on a suppresson hearing to Terry Segal, 11 pages.

21 September 1993 Alfred Trenkler's comments on Suppression Hearing testimony by ATF agents D'Ambrisio and Leahy, 4 pages.

12 October 1993  Alfred Trenkler Original 7 pages for a 4 page Fax from Alfred

    Trenkler to Atty Terry Segal with comments on Leahy testimony in Shay

    trial.   For the date stamped FAX see Four Page Fax from Alfred Trenkler to

    his attorneys

UNDATED. Seven pages of Alfred's notes to Terry Segal, re: technical aspects of trial

UNDATED.  Draft analysis by Alfred Trenkler of the non-connection between the Radio Shack purchase and the bomb, 3 pages.

UNDATED.  Alfred notes: 12 page list of friends, business contacts and even two Quincy policemen who were involved with the '86 device investigation.

UNDATED, but near end of Trenkler trial in November 1993.  Alfred's 10-page proposed draft for Terry Segal for his closing argument to jury  and, in addition, Alfred's 10 page outline of the proposed closing statement.

8 March 1994   Pre-sentencing statement to the court, by Alfred Trenkler on 8 March 1994, 14 pages.  Alfred's handwritten draft of that presentencing presentation, 26 pages.

17 March 1994  Letter by Alfred Trenkler to his Congressman, Joseph Moakley, 1 page.

__ June 1994 80-page letter from Alfred Trenkler to his new appellate Attorney, Morris Goldings.

29 November 1994  31-page letter from Alfred Trenkler to Morris Goldings re case and appeal, including Affidavit by Joseph Wagner re: efforts by inmates to extract incriminating information from Trenkler.

7 May 1998 Handwritten, 1 page,letter to his friend and media expert, Mark

    Brodie transmitting the three analyses below of his case.

      1.  20 page analysis of issues.

      2.  54 page analysis of issues and lists of people and chronology.

      3.  61 page analysis if 28 October 1991 bomb and 34 pages of referenced




1 May 2006. Below is Alfred's resume as he might present it to potential employers

    when he is released.  It captures substantial parts of the 50 years of Alfred's

    life.  See also his resume as it appeared in 1992.

Alfred W. Trenkler                                              Inmate #19377-038

(childhood home)                                                        USP Allenwood

7 Whitelawn Avenue                                                   P.O. Box 3000

Milton, MA 02186                                                        White Deer , PA 17887


Inmate, Allenwood Federal Penitentiary, White Deer, Pennsylvania .

from 11/29/93 wrongful conviction to present. (12+ years)


Owner, ATNS (Advanced Telecommunications Networked Systems), Weymouth, Mass. 4/92-12/92

- Continued with Christian Science Monitor Contract after ARCOMM closed due to interference from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) during its investigation of the 28 October 1991 "Shay bomb" explosion.

- Completed three site microwave links described more fully below under ARCOMM. The Christian Science Monitor Publishing Society contracted with ATNS to remove the microwave system installed in November 1991 after the Society changed its communications strategy.

- Contracted with Mass. Institute of Technology, Cambridge , to install 2.5 Meter satellite receiver dish antenna.

- Installed Motorola mobile two-way radio as a test prior to 50 radio sale, prior to installation and service contract for Grant Crane at the Readville ( Boston ) plant.

- Installed 5 Meter satellite dish antenna at Videocom Satellite Associates in Dedham , Mass.

- Opened Pager Depot at Lighthouse Mall, Hingham , Mass. , as sub-dealer for Metromedia Paging of Brighton , Mass.


Partner, ARCOMM (Advanced Research Communications, Weymouth , Mass. 9/91- 3/92

- Contracted with Christian Science Monitor Publishing Society's World Monitor News in direct competition with CNN to install a three (3) site studio-transmitter-link (STL) microwave system that linked the Mother Church's broadcast studios to their local outlet, UHF-TV Channel 68 in Brighton, Mass., and a second link to site Three, a satellite teleport, Videocom Satellite Associates in Dedham for worldwide distribution via Videocom's C Band uplink. Videocom was a client since 1986 (pre-ARCOMM) and had referred the Christian Science Publishing Society to me in September 1990.

- Responsible for the design and fabrication of two 900 pound microwave dish antenna mounts and coordinated with Wiggins Airways of Norwood, Mass., to use helicopter to "fly" the two mounts for placement on the 35th floor of the Christian Science Monitor Publishing Society's administration building rooftop. Coordinated with the Design Shop of Newton, Mass., to provide rigging service for installation of microwave dish antennas at the Christian Science site, the Channel 68 site and the Videocom site.

- Installed the waveguide and microwave radios at the above sites.

- Reviewed the specifications for the installation of a five (5) meter Ku band satellite transmission dish antenna also on the Christian Science administration building roof as well as the transmitter and support equipment.

- Was asked to give estimate on relocating the 10 meter microwave satellite dish antenna from WFXT UHF channel 25 in Needham to Channel 68 in Brighton , Mass.

- Was asked to bid on relocating satellite equipment from WFXT FOX 25 in Needham to new location in Dedham .

- Was asked to give bid on building five (5) meter Ku band uplink dish antenna at WFXT Channel 25 Dedham site.

- Wrote bid for two-way radio sale and service for Quincy Civil Defense.

- Contracted with Metromedia paging as a sales depot at ARCOMM's Weymouth office.

- Wrote bid for relocation of two (2) radio towers for Marcus Communications of Bristol, Conn.

- Contracted with Marcus to install 140 foot temporary communications tower.

- Reviewed specifications for the installation of a 500 foot radio/microwave communications tower. Installed a temporary tower in July 1991.

- Provided radio maintenance service for Glenn's Towing of Milton and Quincy , and Ed's Towing of Back Bay, Boston , and Pat's Tow of Allston, Boston , Mass.

- Provided sales and service of two-way radios and repeater systems


Freelance Communications Consultant , Milton, Mass. 2/91 - 5/91   

- Consulted for Cambridge Electronic Trains in Jamaica Plain, Boston , Mass. on bid for Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) surface vehicle contract on two-way radios in bus, police and maintenance vehicles.

- Completed site surveys and set-up service and maintenance procedures with CET, and MBTA engineers and Motorola sales representative.

- Consulted for Global Technology Research Corporation (GTRC) in Framingham and Hopedale , Mass. . Designed radio frequency propagation study of VHF, UHF, 800 MHZ cellular and trunking radio, 900 trunking, paging, television and radio broadcasting and satellite "footprint" coverage for generation of measured coverage area to be overlaid on Geographic Information System (GIS) video mapping software.

- Developed software for National Instruments test equipment controller to enable automatic measurement on any vendor's RF spectrum analyzer.

- Demonstrated on an ANRITSU spectrum analyzer, of any given radio frequency and assigned a numeric value for later interpolation. Met with engineers from ANRITSU, Hewlett Packard, Marconi, Tektronix, Schlumberger and National Instruments.

- Designed microwave transport system for real time data observation at the Framingham mission control of mobile units anywhere in North America .

- Conducted Telephone conferences with JP Morgan Investments and McCaw Cellular for future cellular coverage maps for their systems.

- Set up meeting with Fidelity Capital Investments for interest in the mapping software for Fidelity's Boston Coach and interest in the propagation study of Fidelity's recently purchased 800 MHZ trunking system, which was a system I helped maintain for Metro West Communications, formerly Zach Communications of Hopkinton, Mass.


ATEL (Ashley Telecommunications), South Boston, Mas s. 7/89 - 2/91

- Responsible for repair, installation and engineering of two-way radios and repeater systems of multiple brands, makes and models. Assisted sales department in corporate sales and instruct sales personnel on the operation and functioning of two-way radio and support systems.

- Completed repairs and maintenance in support of ATEL service contracts for J. Baker Shoes, Massachusetts Capitol Police, First Security ( Boston ), Vance Security, Independent Taxi Operators Association (ITOA), Red and White Cab, Checker Cab, Perini Corporation, Pat's Towing Service (Allston) and various delivery companies in the Boston area. Also put together special radio sales for General Dynamics military leases.

- Provided engineering consulting services for Perini Corporation, Framingham , and an Adjunct for the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff for the design for a rapid deployment, multi-channel radio communications system for military use.

- Consulted for Perini Corporation for the installation of a multi-band, multi-service communications antenna system for emergency response services for the Third Harbor Tunnel, Boston .

- Designed, licensed and engineered a three-state, five-channel 900 MHZ Johnson Trunking two-way radio communications repeater system for the owner of ATEL.

- Negotiated lease proposal on a tower in Goffstown , New Hampshire for the New Hampshire election primaries for site Three of a 900 Mhz system. I was considering purchasing that tower for future New Hampshire primaries.

- Coordinated engineering requirements with the vendor Johnson in Atlanta , Ga. , Telewave Filter Corp., Andrew Corp., and multiple antenna vendors and the site manager of site One at One Financial Center , Boston .

- Installed One Financial Center Trunking site in Fall of 1990, Consulted for Boston University for the sale and installation of a similar 900 MHZ Trunking system for installation on Boston University 's Law Building for the University's Campus Police Department.

- Consulted for operators of the Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network (BAPERN). Met with representatives from the Boston Police, State Police and the Metropolitan District Commission Police to discuss the possible steps for improvement of the Eastern Mass coverage area. I discussed the three-state trunking system that I had designed for ATEL and how a similar in-state multiple site trunking system would enable multiple sub-groups to operate independently or as a whole. (Today, the Mass. State Police, Registry Police and the MDC Police have all combined into one force and use a trunking system.)

- Consulted for GTRC in a radio frequency study, and wrote an article for Geographic Information Systems magazine of Pittsfield , Mass. , in December 1990.


Quincy Cab, Quincy , Mass. 1988

- Installed a VHF two-way radio base station and mobile units in fleet of cabs for owner.

- Taking a break from the rat race, drove a cab.


Owner, AWT Associates, Braintree, Mass. 1986 - 1988

- Consulted, engineered, designed, installed, maintained and conducted path studies and site surveys for terrestrial, satellite and Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) microwave systems for broadcast and private television services.

- Installed ITFS receiver systems for Northeastern University and Boston University at the many businesses that subscribed to the college courses being offered as part of the remote viewing and learning programs for in-house off-campus learning in eastern Mass. Installations completed for Raytheon, Draper Labs, Digital Equipment Corporation, BBN, LTX, AT&T, Northrup , Texas Instruments, Polaroid, Analog Devices, Avco Systems, Textron and, following a thirty day waiting period for an extensive security check by the CIA, FBI and NSA, I was permitted to enter a top secret project area in order to complete an installation in Billerica , Mass.

- Provided a survey and constructed a 60-foot microwave antenna support structure, tower, and surveyed and constructed a 9.2 meter C Band satellite uplink dish antenna, a 7 meter C Band satellite uplink dish antenna and an emergency generator set for Videocom Satellite Associates in Dedham , Mass.

- Installed a microwave link for the New Hampshire Primaries between Goffstown , New Hampshire and Wood Hill in Andover , Mass. , and interfaced with TELCO, New Hampshire and TELCO, Mass. for Videocom, Dedham .

- Conducted site surveys for Videocom for microwave link from Foxborough Stadium and another link from the Providence Civic Center both links back to Videocom for uplink to ESPN studios in Bristol , Connecticut .

- Installed 245 foot ROHN Brand Self-Supporting Tower for owner in Cumberland , Rhode Island .

- Installed 245 foot ROHN Brand Self-Supporting Tower for owner in Exeter , Rhode Island .

- Provided tower rigging service for Metro West/Zach Communications in support af an 800 MHZ trunking system supporting central and eastern Mass.

- Provided tower rigging service for Electrocom of Boston.

- Operated Sale Depot for Page Net of Lynn , Mass.

- Installed transmission antenna for Page Net on tower on John Hancock Tower roof.

- Provided sales, installation and service of two-way radios and cellular phones.


BCTV/TPS (Boston Catholic Television/Television Production and Services), Newton, Brighton, Mass. 1980-1985

-Worked as a freelance engineer in training for the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston-owned television production facility in Newton , Mass, formerly UHF Channel 38.

- Was trained in the operation and repair of studio video broadcast quality camera systems including 70's era RCA TK60's, and TK66's and their camera control units, portable JVC video camera and, at the time, state of the art IKEGAMI HL79 video camera.

- Maintained and repaired Sony editing suite, video tape recording and playback tape decks including 1`/2 inch VHS and Betamax, Sony BVU studio and portable video tape decks (3/4 inch), Sony 1 inch reel to reel video tape deck and two 70's era RCA TR60's two-inch "quad" reel to reel video tape decks.

- Set up lighting, video and audio studio and control room(s) for video productions.

- Provided technical support services for TPS clients renting studio and/or equipment.

- Maintained, repaired and installed multiple 6GHZ microwave Studio Transmitter Links (STL's) between the Newton Studios and the Prudential Center, Boston, and the Cardinal's residence in Brighton, Mass. where the daily Mass was conducted, and the Prudential Center, and links from the Prudential Center, Boston to WNAC VHF-TV Channel 7, Boston and another link to WFXT FOX UHF TV Channel 25, and yet another link to WSMW, an independent UHF TV Channel 27 in Worcester, Mass.

- Replaced the microwave TV STL between the Boston University Law School building and the Prudential Center for video broadcast of its off-campus college courses via BCTV's leased Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) microwave system.

- Was responsible for the replacement and maintenance of a four-site, four-channel ITFS microwave distribution system at the Prudential Center, Commonwealth Edison's 400 foot communications tower in North Andover, Mass., a tower owned by Raytheon in Sudbury/Framingham, Mass., and on the WGBH radio tower in Milton, Mass.

- Completed rigging and installation of ITFS receiver sites at cable television Head Ends for distribution of BCTV programming.

- Completed sub-contract work for Northeastern University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University , WGBH-TV Channel 2, Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts Port Authority.

- Sent by the Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church to troubleshoot the ITFS system owned and operated by the Long Island Diocesan Center of Nassau County, New York . I had become skilled in the operation of ITFS systems and it was noticed by customers.

- Together with the Chief Engineer of BCTV, conducted an interference study for NBC affiliate WBZ VHF Channel 4 in Brighton , WNAC VHF Channel 7 in Boston , WCVB VHF Channel 5 in Needham and WFXT UHF Channel 25 in Needham . Discovered that the interference was caused by government-contracted weather radar research being conducted by MIT in Cambridge .

Analog Devices, Norwood , Mass. 1978 - 1979. A nalog and repair test technician at the Norwood , Mass. facility.


Harborview Hotel, Edgartown , Mass. Summers, 1975, 1976,

Electrical, plumbing and general maintenance.


Wollaston Golf Club, Quincy/Milton, Mass. Summers, 1973, 1974

Dishwasher. (or, as Alfred put it in his original, "Hobart hydrologic engineer")




Wentworth Institute of Technology , Electronic Engineering courses, l980,

  toward a Bachelor of Science degree, but ran out of funds.


Northeastern University , Microprocessor Systems and Control, 1979 - provided   through educational reimbursement program of employer, Analog Devices.


Wentworth Institute of Technology , Associate Degree, EES, 1977


Northeastern University , brush-up physics course, 1976


Thayer Academy , 9th-12th grades, High School Diploma, 1975.   

  Worked after school at Wollaston Golf Club.


Park School , 6th-8th grade, 1969 - 1971

  Wrestling, baseball, soccer, tennis with teachers.


Milton Academy , K-6th grade, 1962 - 1968

  Football, baseball, soccer.






With resident Tom Tompson of Peterborough Street in the Back Bay in the Fenway Park area of Boston , started a community watch group with residents of the area to curb muggings and robberies. Set up a two-way radio system. I met Tompson while staying with classmates from Wentworth and witnessing a mugging of an elderly woman. I kept in touch with Tompson to check up on his well-being on a weekly basis.



Set-up lights and audio and ran "follow" spotlight for yearly "Follies" production by fellow members. Rewired lighting and audio systems. Choreography stage lighting with back stage operator, also a club member.



With life-long friends and member of the Milton Fire Department, we would report and assist with fires and auto related problems. With an informal relationship with the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) Police and the Mass. State Police, we would patrol roads in the MDC area and Routes 24, 93, 95, and 128 to assist motorists with motor vehicle problems.



Was a volunteer member since high school. Took an EMT training course with a friend and members of the Milton Police Dept, where we learned the use of the backboard and other basics including CPR and injury identification, shock, stroke, lacerations and more. Assisted the Red Cross with the evacuation of Chelsea homes during the Chelsea fire in 1973.


Worked with Boston Mayor Kevin White's office on logistics, equipment transportation and setup. Responsible for collection of vendor donations, pickup and delivery and distribution.



Joined in trail clearing, forest fire fighting and historical site cleaning.



-Rolling Stones - was on rigging crew for 1989 Foxborough concert.

-Conducted music video experiment at BCTV studios, 1985.

-Volunteered video and audio services at Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Mass. , 1984

-Grateful Dead Concert, Lewiston , Maine , 1980, recording session.

-Volunteered video, audio, electrical services for Winn Harrington Productions in Boston , 1979. (?) "Saved the day" by repairing power cord that almost cost the production a total shutdown.




Pedal Biking

Motocross Biking

4-Wheel driving, mud races, Tulip Races, exploratory driving in Connecticut , Mass. , and Rhode Island .

Outdoor Camping


Downhill Skiing, in Maine , Mass. , New Hampshire , and Vermont .




- Research and development with CO2, Yag, Ruby, Sapphire, pumped and steady state lasers for construction, welding and materials processing.

- Design of alternate living habitats.

- Experiment with alternative energy - wind, photovoltaics, hydro, and hydrogen.

- Research and development with alternate power plant systems - steam, natural gas, organic to fuel, refuse energy reclamation from waste products etc.

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -

Spelling of Alfred's Last Name:

People who have heard orally about the case of Alfred Trenkler may not know how to spell his last name. In order to enable Search Engines to locate this website for those who spell Alfred's surname incorrectly, the following possibilities are given:


Trenkler (the correct spelling)



Other people with the Trenkler family name.

Mrs. Trenkler, Fictional character in the Dreamweavers' musical, "Sleepy Hollow"

Bernd Trenkler, Professor at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Carsten Trenkler, Economist at Humbolt-Universitat, Berlin Germany

Dane Trenkler, Avon, New York. Organized supply of gifts to U.S. Soldiers in Iraq.

Dieter Trenkler, Country music enthusiast, Germany

Dietrich Trenkler, Germany, Universitaet Osnabrueck

Ernst Trenkler, Author of Rothschild Gebetbuch: Facsimile & Comentarium, 1979.

Freddie Trenkler, (Alfred Maximillian Trenkler) Professional ice skater, with the Ice Capades

   and movie star. Father of Alfred William Trenkler.

Jason Trenkler, Musician (MAC Music), and restaurant manager, Tuscon Arizona. His BLOG

Johannes Trenkler, MD & medical researcher. See article: "Does Carotid Stent Cell Design Matter?"

Gerhard Trenkler, Retired director of Austrian publishing house, Schreckenberg

Johann Trenkler, At Carl Zeiss Coating Technology, Oberkochen, Germany
Leif Trenkler, German artist

Luigi Trenkler, Actor

Luigi Trenkler, psychotherapist, Vienna

Marian Trenkler, Professor at Katholik University in Slovakia. Wrote paper on

    "Magic Stars" which others have called "Trenkler Stars"

Martin Trenkler, Formula 1 car racing photographer from Slovakia.  See photos


Rolf Trenkler, German rock band leader and songwriter in 1970's.

Sebastian Trenkler, Of Germany, available for contract PHP work.

Thomas Trenkler, Editor of Der Standard, a Vienna newspaper.

Thomas Trenkler, Author of books on architecture, especially of Vienna.

Tina Trenkler, Consumer Products Business Executive

Wilhelm Trenkler, Austrian artist, 1877-1964


(If you have other possibilities, please send to Alfred Trenkler Innocent Committee.)