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Thomas A. Shay entered Alfred Trenkler's life when he needed a ride home one night in the Summer of 1991, from a "White Hen Pantry" store on Boylston Street in Boston.  After that, they chanced to meet only a few times - and that was it.  Such a brief acquaintance would not warrant entry in the story of Alfred's life, except that the explosion of a bomb on 28 October 1991 at the home of Thomas A. Shay's father killed a policeman, Jeremiah Hurley, and maimed his partner, Francis Foley.

On 3 January 1993, Alfred Trenkler wrote a memo for his lawyer about claims made to the U.S. Attorney in a 15 December 1992 meeting.  Click for Adobe/.pdf version.   Click for rekeyed MS-Word version.   Alfred wrote further notes about that memo in a 5 June 2006 letter.

Such a relationship was a far cry from the "lover" relationship as was irresponsibly claimed by the media and reported in unverified ATF reports. See Alfred Trenkler's pre-sentencing statement (.pdf) (and in Word) to the Court on 8 March 1994 to see the absurdity of the idea of his conspiring with Thomas A. Shay to do anything, let alone a criminal act likely to lead to murder. 

To understand Thomas A. Shay see:

His photograph at his arraignment in 1992.

Dr. Robert Phillips' 19 July 1993 letter to Shay's attorney, Nancy Gertner, containing Phillips' "Neuropsychiatric Evaluation, Thomas A. Shay."

On 7 August 2006, The Patriot Ledger of Quincy published a front page article based on an interview with Thomas A. Shay, now 34 years old.  See "Links to Articles"for this entry:

7 August 2006. "LEDGER UPDATE: Bomber's conviction decried; Imprisoned Quincy man unjustly convicted, says another man linked to deadly crime"   by Dennis Tatz, in the Quincy Patriot Ledger. (See "front page article" for view of actual article appearance on front page)

The article begins:

Since his arrest for building a bomb that killed a Boston police bomb squad officer and badly injured another in 1991, former Quincy resident Alfred Trenkler has insisted he is an innocent man...

Alfred Trenkler is quoted in the article:

   ‘‘It was convenient to nail me,'' Trenkler, 50, said during a recent telephone interview from the Allenwood Federal Penitentiary in White Deer, Pa.

   ‘‘My saving grace is that I had nothing to do with it. It keeps me sane. I hope the truth comes out sooner than later. I had nothing to do with this.''

Much of Thomas Shay's childhood was spent in foster care and in institutions. However, there were some periods of family which are recalled and a few are recorded in photo graphs.

Tom Shay with his mother at a restaurant.

Tom Shay on a Dedham, Mass. Police "Highway Safety" motorcycle.

Tom Shay as an adult with his mother, Nancy.