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Who IS Alfred W. Trenkler? - Trial and Shock of Conviction

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Alfred's attorney, Terry Segal, was sufficiently confident that Alfred would be found innocent that Segal recommended that Alfred not testify in his own defense.  The resulting conviction was a body blow that is still being felt with every day of Alfred's life sentence.

Even though he did not testify, Alfred wrote many analyses of the case and certain evidence. 

12 October 1993  Alfred Trenkler Original 7 pages for a 4 page Fax from Alfred Trenkler to Atty Terry Segal with comments on Leahy testimony in Shay trial   For the date stamped FAX see Four Page Fax from Alfred Trenkler to his attorneys


Below is Alfred at a pre-trial hearing.

This photo was published in the Boston Globe on 23 April 1992 in article with

headline "Lawyer for Milton Man denies link to Bombing"